Australians with MND aged 65+ are not getting the care they deserve. Together we can Make Aged Care Fair.




  • Australians diagnosed with MND aged 65+ do not have access to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).
  • Older Australians with MND must rely on Aged Care services for their disability care. But this system is not designed for people with complex and rapidly progressing conditions like MND. It is for people who are frail-aged.
  • Community Aged Care services have very long waiting lists. Over 128,000 Australians are waiting for a Home Care Package. Some people with MND die before they get to the top of the waiting list.
  • People with MND may lose the ability to walk, move, eat, swallow and eventually breathe. Low level Home Care packages do not come close to meeting their disability needs.
  • Many people with MND are forced into financial hardship to cover their care costs.
How can we fix this?
  • We need to end age-discrimination and provide access to the NDIS for people aged 65+ with non-age related disabilities, such as MND.
  • Immediate fast-track access to Level 3 and 4 Aged Care Home Care packages and funding for equipment for older Australians with MND.

How can you help?
We need to use our collective voice to let the decision makers know that we need to urgently improve care for older Australians with MND.

You can: In your message let them know what the problem is - you might like to copy the points we've listed above. And tell them how we can fix it. You might also like to include a personal story about how MND has affected your family or friends.

Let's raise awareness!

Many people (including some politicians) don't realise that people diagnosed with disabilities aged 65+ don't have access to the NDIS. And unless they've had personal experience, they don't know the massive problems with the Aged Care services system. They may also not know how devastating a disease MND can be, and the complexity of the care needs.

This MND Week (3-9 May 2020) you can help create awareness of this issue by downloading one of our 'speech bubbles' and posting a photo of yourself holding it on social media. Or simply write a post to let your friends and followers know about the issue and send them to this website: You can use the hashtags #MNDWeek2020 and #MACF or tag us on Twitter @mndaustralia or Facebook.

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