Make Aged Care Fair


For many people living with MND the roll out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has improved their quality of life, and more people than ever have received packages of support that are helping them to maintain their independence and live better, safer and for longer.
Unfortunately, the NDIS is not available for everyone and those diagnosed with MND when aged 65 and over are forced to rely on Aged Care - a support service that is designed for age-related conditions and does not offer the provision needed for those with progressing neurological conditions and complex disability needs. The current system has led to many people being pushed into financial hardship or residential aged care earlier than they wish. Many others are waiting for a Community Aged Care Package or assigned a lower level package that does not meet their needs and many are also facing stressful and unnecessary reassessments.
We don't think it's fair that people diagnosed with MND later in life don't have access to the right care and support simply because of their age.That’s why we are calling on the Government to Make Aged Care Fair. We're asking decision makers to improve access to Aged Care services and make sure people diagnosed with MND when aged 65 and over receive the care, support, aids and equipment they need to maintain independence and stay at home as long as they wish. Read our full position statement on Aged Care here

Thank you to everyone who emailed their federal MPs or election candidates about this issue. We have now closed our automatic 'email your MP' function. However, you can still call or write to your federal representatives about this issue by finding their contact details on the Australian Government website.

We also have a suite of resources to help you communicate with elected representatives and decision makers about how they can change the system to improve Aged Care services for people with MND. 

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