Survey results: Is Aged Care working for people living with MND?

A few months ago we asked people living with MND, their families, carers and health professionals if Aged Care was working for people living with MND.
We received over 100 repsonses to our survey which looked at poeple's experience and satisfaction with Aged Care services. 

Almost half of respondents said that their care package does not meet their needs, 45 per cent said they were either unhappy or very unhappy with the service they received and 47 per cent of people were on a waiting list for longer than six months. 

The results also showed that there were commonly issues with application and assessment procedures, and a lack of understanding of the progressive nature of motor neurone disease and the complex care needs people living with MND have. 

MND Australia is campaigning to improve access to and the level of care available through Aged Care services for people living with MND. People diagnosed when aged 65 or over do not have access to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) due to their age, and are forced to rely on Aged Care which is not designed for people with complex disability needs. 

Help us end this inquity and join the campaign to Make Aged Care Fair.